Organizing 101

Okay, I’m the last person to give you organizational tips, but I’m only writing this to help someone else like me.  Basically someone who hates the mess and hates doing organizational stuff, but have to do it anyways. 😄

So, I have this little closet room, because both my Mother and I are hoarders.  We have hard time letting go of shit.  Go figure..ha!

Anyhow, I was thinking what’s the best way to utilize the space with everything I have, that will be easily accessible and give me more space?

I started searching on Amazon, and basically I will put down here everything that I used.
First of all, as you can tell I’m sure, I love my hats.  Also, hats need space in order not to loose their shape. 

I found these real handy hangers Hat Organizer Holder. However, before I can use these, I needed to find a way to hang this somewhere, that’s where I got the idea to find an adjustable rod, here’s the link for that 2 pc curtain rod

And finally, to finish off, I needed a lightweight storage cabinet with rollers so I can easily move around in that tiny space, in case I can’t reach something from the back.  And I found this spacious cabinet, which is so lightweight, the drawers are really deep and the best part it comes fully assembled. 3-Drawer Chest


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