Zhaklin’s love for music was from the very tender age. It was not just the love for the music but her passion which drove her to reach where she is now and what she is doing. However, there is a lot more suppressed in her beautiful songs which has deep meaning and insights. They say music comes from the heart and in Zhaklin’s case, it actually does as she feels connected with the world only through her music. They also say, music becomes your inner voice when you have a lot to say but you cannot and Zhaklin nail the art. 

Her childhood was troublesome and she had to go through things which hardly anyone could even imagine and would want in life. The little Zhaklin only at the age of five had to lose her father who was her source of inspiration and support. It was not just a simple accident or chronic diseases, her father was murdered in their own home, their humble abode. The night when her father was brutally killed, their lives shattered leaving her mom and little artist in a state of trauma. Life took a sudden change, the little Zhaklin had to grow up and act mature only at the age of her playing with pebbles. She distanced herself from her friends and people around and started staying at home most of the time. 

But as they say, if one door shuts on your face, other opens. The tiny artist after few months when she turned six, found out her passion. It was music and entertaining people. She at that tender age tried mimicking people at social and family gatherings which attracted many people and she was damn good at what she was doing. One fine morning, she just ran to her mom, the only person on earth whom she can trust and believe and asked for a piano. Her mom seeing her innocence agreed for the same and also thought of putting her into dance classes. But the little artist was clear in her mind that her heart lies in music. Though she used to dance pretty well and thus convinced her mom that she does not need dance classes and from there, her musical journey took off. 

Zhaklin finds her peace of mind and tried to get out of the trauma of her father’s death through music. It was a struggle for her a struggle that she was going through in her heart and soul but that gave her strength as well and she put all those emotions into words and wrote her first song for her mother when she was just twelve. 

It is enchanting to see such talents who make their way through anything in life and turn their weaknesses into strength. She has the well-developed persona of her own and she had a power to observe people very intuitively. She garnered all these strengths to pursue her passion and from small skits in a family gathering, now she is winning hearts of many with her wonderfully written songs.

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