From the recording CURVALICIOUS

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Producers Zhaklin and Enzo Massardo
Executive Producer Zhaklin
Label Mystique Music
Published by Mystique Worldwide Publishing
© ℗ 2024, ZHAKLIN


Checking myself in the mirror
Don’t like what I see
Don’t look anything like on TV

I ain’t no skinny girl
No no no no no, no
But I am curvalicious

Curvy, curvy, curvalicious
Embracing , loving all my curves
Curvy, curvy, curvy,
La, la la, la-loving all my curves

Wide or slim, ain’t no matter
Gotta love, gotta love
What is given
The pressure to look like
Those ‘insta’ models
That's just no my game
No, no, no, no

Curvy, curvy, curvalicious
Embracing, loving all my curves (all my curves)
Curvy, curvy, curvy,
La, la la, loving all my curves

In a world that tried to dictate (hey)
Curves and lines that they berate (hey)
Stand tall, don’t hesitate
Curvalicious, celebrate

From head down to your toes
Every inch, beauty flows
Confidence that clearly shows
Loving yourself, that’s how it goes

Embrace your curves, they give birth
To a power that can’t be cursed
You’re a masterpiece
Loving your curves, taking flight
In a world where you’re own spotlight
Curvalicious woman, own the night
Own the night

Curvalicious, embracing, loving
All your curves
Curvy, curvy, curvy, curvalicious
La, la, la, loving all your curves

Curvy, (curvy, curvalicious) curvalicious
La, la, loving all your curves
Curvy, curvy, curvy (curvalicious) curvalicious
La, la, la-loving all your curves